The Best Nutritions We Get Each Time We Eat Lentils

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From Where Did Lentils Originate

Lentils are from a family of plants called fabaceae and are believed to have been originated from Greece and Syria. Nowadays they are being consumed in almost every corner of the world. The most cultivated and consumed Lentils are brown, green, speciality and red/yellow lentils. Let us see the best nutritions we get each time we eat lentils.

Let Us See The Advantages Of consuming Lentils

Lentils can help us regulate levels of blood pressure, make our heart strong and many more benefits. Why is this possible? Well because they are rich in fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin B and C, folate and they also contain minerals like iron, magnesium or potassium. 

Carbohydrates And Proteins

They have enough carbohydrates and proteins that is crucial to our body system. Carbs and proteins help us in many ways among these being blood sugar regulation and provide  us with energy. The protein they provide helps us build muscles. They also do play a big part in nourishing our hair and skin. Generally speaking carbs and proteins are really essential for proper functioning of our body system. Thats why we need to know the best nutritions we get each time we eat lentils and appreciate them.

Lentils Are Rich In Folate

the best nutritions we get each time we eat lentils
the best nutritions we get each time we eat lentils

The presence  of Vitamin B in lentils, provides us with folic acid that works along with vitamin B12. This help in producing red blood cells and also helps in absorption of iron by the body. Vitamin B9 helps in proper and rapid growth of cells and tissues, the brain and the way it functions. It is also important in the production of  the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of which both host genetic information. This can be one of the reasons as to why eating lentils is highly recommended.  

 Lentils Are Rich In Iron 

 Hemoglobin a protein in the blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body is mainly produced by Iron. iron is also useful in creating myoglobin a protein that provides oxygen to our muscles. Iron makes our body active reduces fatigue and maintain stamina. Consuming lentils regularly will boost and maintain iron levels which will help us being healthy and strong.

They Contain Potassium

Lentils supply us with potassium which plays a big role in our body system. This mineral is useful in our body system in that it helps regulate the proper levels of the blood pressure. It also controls the fluids inside our cells and also helps in the proper movements of our body muscles and tissues. 

Good Source Of Magnesium

 Magnesium just like potassium helps control levels of blood sugar, the blood pressure and helps our moods too. It also helps in the proper functioning of nerve and muscle and keeps our bones strong and healthy. These are some of the main benefits that we get from this kind of mineral but it has a lot more advantages to our body.

Conditions That We Can Prevent From Lentil Consumption

Eating lentils every now and then is good and really beneficial to our body system. The nutrients that  we get from this legume are really helpful. They do help us build a healthy body system and protect us from many diseases or health disorders.  As we have seen above it can help us control blood pressure, our moods, keep us away from depression, anaemia and other many more serious conditions.

General Idea of Consuming Lentils 

 It will be a good idea consuming lentils quite often. The nutrients they have are really important to our body. In short, I think they should not miss in our weekly menu. Generally the best nutritions we get each time we eat lentils are really beneficial to our body system.

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