Benefits Of Onion In Our Body System And Nutritional Value

Discover the origin of Onion, a vegetable that has been used for centuries to provide relief from joint pain and keep hearts healthy. Learn about the different varieties of onions, from white and red onions to leeks.

Origin Of Onion

Let us talk about benefits of onion in our body system and nutritional value. The origin of Onion is believed to be in Asia. This precious vegetable was introduced in Europe by the Romans. It is believed to have been used by the Indians for many health reasons. The relief of joint pains and for keeping the heart healthy is among some reasons. There are various species of onions the most used being the white and red onions and not forgetting the leeks.

There are so many reasons as to why consuming and having Onion in our kitchen is a healthy way to be fit. How or why does it make us healthy? Well the minerals and vitamins it has serve as antioxidant and helps us in digestion. Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, helps regulate sugar levels and it has nutrients that help in strengthening our immune system. These are  some of the good reasons as to why we should talk about benefits of onion in our body system and nutritional value.

Benefits Of Onion In Our Body System And Nutritional Value

Onion has some good range of Vitamins and Minerals that contribute a lot in keeping us healthy and fit. It has Vitamins and Minerals like vitamin C, Vitamin B9, vitamin B6 and has potassium too. Let us see how these Vitamins and Minerals do help our body system, the real benefits they give us:-

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is really essential to the body system. Onion gives us this special Vitamin which is in charge of the growth, repair of cells and the body tissues. Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid helps in the absorption of iron by the body tissues, organs and blood cells. 

Vitamin B9

This vitamin B9 (folate) provides us with folic acid. This works along with vitamin B12 helping in the production of red blood cells and also helps in the proper use of iron by the body. Another importance of Vitamin B9 is that it helps in proper growth of the brain and its functionality, rapid growth of cells and tissues. It is also important in the production of  the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and the ribonucleic acid (RNA) which both host genetic information 

Vitamin B6

benefits of onion in our body system and it's nutritional value
benefits of onion in our body system and nutritional value

Just like the other Vitamins, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has a very important role to play in our body system. In brief it helps in developing and keeping the central nervous system healthy. This vitamin that we can get through consumption of some legumes, vegetable, fish, fruits or poultry is also responsible in the correct functioning of cells and the metabolism. 


Our body system can get potassium by consuming natural food like beans, fruits and vegetables. It helps our body system by maintaining normal blood pressure and  fluids inside our cells and it also helps in the contraction of our muscles. 


Onion gives quite a number of minerals in different levels or quantities among them being Manganese. Manganese helps us in controlling sugar levels and calcium absorption. it also helps in blood clotting, normal function of metabolism by producing certain digestive enzymes, normal brain and nerve functioning and it does help in producing sex hormones too.

Diseases That Onion Helps Us Prevent

As we have already said before, onion consumption is really beneficial to our body tissues and organs due to the nutrients it possesses. It helps in prevention of heart diseases, diabetes and some types of cancers. It can also help in preventing atherosclerosis (condition where the plaque builds inside the artery thereby narrowing the artery). Additionally, it may prevent heart and blood vessels problems, anemia, help in controlling high blood pressure. It also helps to strengthen the immune system as we have mentioned before.

Consumption Of Onion

Well I personally think that we should use onion daily. We should include it at least in one of our daily meals due to the valuable nutrients it provides. The benefits of onion in our body system and nutritional value should be practical. A healthy body need to get fed nicely and correctly to maintain the fitness it deserves. I believe that if we consume the right potion of onion in a daily basis our body will really appreciate by being lively and healthy.

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